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The Ondo Ngage program is an online digital skills training program for graduates, to start learning the necessary skills they need to thrive in the digital world.

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Software Internship Training

Software systems are the cornerstones of all modern business. Such systems must be robust and adaptable to the ever changing business requirements. Due to the rapid changing dimension of business requirements which requires constant ability to ideate and innovate, software developers are constantly in high demand to assist organisations achieve their business target by leveraging on technology. By studying software development in the Ondo Ngage Digital Skills Training Program you will be exposed to modern programming skills which would help you in birthing your own ideas, that of other individuals or organisations.

Project Management

The core of every project is the ability to manage it effectively regardless of the sector of work in question. We encounter projects in our everyday lives- in business, leisure, and at home. The project management course will equip individuals with the skills to apply methodologies, tools, and processes to successfully plan and execute projects. With the skills and knowledge acquired from this course, you will be able to work in any sector, intelligently dissecting project goals within the given constraints.

Animation and Gaming Internship Training

This internship will appeal to those that want to learn to develop games and create animation content. Certification in this program will make participants professionally employable gaming masters with the opportunity to design and develop their own games.

Network Internship Training

Envivo has embarked on this internship to train network engineers. Cisco equipment and hands-on training from Cisco accredited instructors will be provided to facilitate the internship effectively. Candidates will also take part in all the Networking courses that Cisco has to offer- starting from CCNA to CCNP.

Graphic Design/UX

The goal of this course is to equip learners with transferable formal and conceptual tools for “making and communicating” in the field of graphic design. The course would teach you to apply the fundamental principles of graphic design like, image-making, typography, interface design, motion graphics, and editorial designs using major tools such as, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and others. As a professional, the graphic design/UX course would be a great addition to your portfolio.

Financial Analysis

The role of a financial analyst is one that encompasses that of a research analyst, securities analyst, equity analyst, and investment/rating analyst. This is because the individual is charged with the responsibility of undertaking financial analysis for an organization, making business recommendations with regards to market trends and the financial status of such an organization. The course will cover, Financial Analysis, Risk Management, Accounting, Analytical Skills, and Data Analysis. You can become a financial analyst by joining this course presented to you by the Ondo Ngage Digital Skills Training Program.

Sales and Customer Service

Sales and Customer Service Specialist program  is a hybrid of two carefully fused together independent fields (Sales representative and Customer Service Specialist) on the premise that both fields are customer facing with different goals. While a customer walks in or calls in for one thing it would be a good opportunity to pitch the other to the customer hence necessitating creating a blend of both fields. In the Ondo Ngage Digital Skills Training Program we have fused the best  of both fields to provide you with the right skill set to set you apart for success.

DIgital Marketing Internship Training

As we emerge into this new era, the crucial need for digitalization is eminent especially in the world of commerce. A wide range of businesses now solely run online therefore, being a regular advertiser would not suffice in this age. The digital marketing course will teach you the act of promoting and selling products and services by leveraging and utilizing online marketing tactics that are in line with contemporary times. The course will cover Social Media, Content Strategy, SEO, Marketing Channels, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and other fascinating concepts. You can now learn skills and strategies that actually work and reward marketing efforts.

Administrator, Support/Helpdesk

An IT Administrator is someone who oversees and maintains all aspects of a company’s computer infrastructure. This includes maintaining networks, servers, and security programs and systems. IT Administrators manage the upgrade and installation of new hardware and software, perform troubleshooting to address any problems with computer systems, and assess viruses and potential threats to a company’s network. If you find this role interesting, then this course is for you. The course would develop concepts such as, Troubleshooting, Deployment, Active Directory, Computer  Hardware, Microsoft Windows Server and others.

Data Analysis

This course is designed for individuals with the drive to solve their organisation’s business challenges. The Data Analysis course addresses methods for managing and analysing large dataset. It will cover modules such as Data Analysis, Data mining, Analytics, Visualisation, SQL, and others. Interestingly, you do not require a prior degree certificate to take this course and qualify as a data analyst, all the knowledge you need is covered in the course. Boost your employability when you take this course!

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